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CLR class to get the community comments about an asset specified by its URL. See this article for more information.


  • Url Gets or sets the URL of the article to search for comments about
  • MatchType Gets the matching algorithm for the URL (ExactMatch | ClosestStemMatch)
  • Offset Gets the result offset
  • MaxResults Gets or sets the maximum number of results to return. Default is 20
  • Assets Gets the assets returned as a collection of NYTimes.Data.Asset objects.
  • ApiKey Gets or sets the New York Times Community API Key
  • IsLoading Gets a value indicating whether the results are loading
  • Results Gets the comments returned as a collection of NYTimes.Data.Comment objects.
  • Logo Gets the New York Times Logo
  • TotalComments Gets the total number of comments on the specified date
  • Copyright Gets the New York Times Copyright information for the data returned

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